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RootX kills roots, inhibits regrowth, and restores pipe flow.

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The patented RootX formulation foams on contact with water, filling the entire pipe to reach the top where 90% of pipeline root intrusion occurs. From start to finish, a RootX application takes less than 30 minutes whether you are working with main or lateral lines.

It's an effective and proven treatment.

The active ingredient in RootX is the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil that has been used for years to control aquatic weeds. It also contains surfactants, degreasing agents that strip away the grime on roots, allowing Dichlobenil to penetrate the root ends. It is labled for use in both sanitary and storm pipes and is not a restricted use product.

RootX is the original, non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. RootX promotes bacterial growth that assists in the decomposition of dead roots. For over a decade thousands of municipalities and Professional Drain Cleaners depend on RootX for their maintenance solution.

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Enhances mechanical root cutting

Mechanical root cutting is an immediate and short-term solution to relieving pipeline blockages caused by root intrusion. However, cutting roots is like pruning a tree; it stimulates even more vigorous and destructive root growth in the remaining roots. That means new root growth can fully clog your pipe again in just nine months.

It makes sense to use mechanical cutting to remove the root mass and restore pipe flow right away. However, you can kill any remaining roots in the line and stunt re-growth longer by applying RootX immediately after mechanical cutting. Treating pipes with RootX not only kills all the roots on contact, it also leaves a thin layer of the herbicide on the pipe walls to prevent roots from coming back. New root growth after treatment with RootX is much slower and less destructive to the pipe.

It's important to apply RootX within the first hour after cutting or wait six to eight weeks. That's because roots release a traumatic acid to cover the cut ends and protect them against further injury. If you apply RootX immediately after cutting, the herbicide can penetrate the root ends before the traumatic acid coating is complete. After six to eight weeks, the traumatic acid will have dissipated, leaving the most vulnerable part of the root--the white tender meristem growth where cells are actively dividing--exposed to the herbicide. The more root tissue you can treat with RootX, the better.

If there's still flow in the line, you may be able to save time and eliminate root cutting altogether. Simply apply RootX to kill all the roots inside the pipe. The dead roots decay and are carried out with the natural flow, restoring your customer's pipe to its full capacity. Once your on a maintenance program with annual RootX treatments, you should be able to eliminate mechanical root cutting in most cases.

Chart of RootX plumber usage amount