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There are many reasons why CCLS is carried on more septic trucks than all the others combined. The main reason is that we provide the best product at the best price and deliver it with superlative customer service. But beyond that, the best reasons to use CCLS are:

  1. CCLS is the best product available. It is formulated specifically for septic tank waste. And it is reformulated whenever new technology emerges. CCLS contains over 200 billion hungry bacteria in every gallon! Replace - Bacteria killed off by any home-care products that go down every drain in every house every day need to be replaced.
  2. The true function of the septic tank is to protect the drain field. Partial digestion in the septic tank sends undigested solid material to the leaching facility. If buildup in the septic system has caused sluggish drainage, reverse that.
  3. "Is there anything I can put in my tank...?" is the 2nd most asked question in the pumping business. People want to participate in the maintenance of their septic systems. And the combination of pumping and regular addition of bacteria is the best insurance homeowners can buy.
  4. CCLS is a multi-purpose product. Besides maintaining a high level of bacteria in the septic system, it will do many tricks around the home. It will remove organic stains and odors from carpets and upholstery. It will remove grease. It can even be used to remove skunk smell from pets as well as food odors from human hands. (See "A Day in the Life", a humorous look at other uses for CCLS.)
    • CCLS will remove most pet stains and odors from carpets and other areas.
    • CCLSwill remove food stains from most carpets and other fabrics.
    • CCLS can be used as a laundry presoak for food and urine/fecal stains.
    • Keep CCLS in a spray bottle for odor control in garbage can, diaper pail, cat litter box, etc.
  5. We at Navo & Sons Inc. have been in the septic business since 1968. We have over 30 years of hands-on experience with problem systems. Take advantage of our technical support. We are in the solution business - we're not here just to sell you products.

Why has CCLS been #1 since 1976?

It's been several deacades since the first bottle of CCLS was sold, and in that time customers have raved about the product. Here are some of the testimonials from satisfied customers around the country. All of these are real, unsolicited reactions from actual CCLS users.

From Reno, Nevada:
"Your CCLS product is excellent. Please send ordering information, price list, fee"
From Framingham, Massachusetts:
"I recently was given a bottle of your CCLS... I thought it was great for my garbage disposal! No more foul food smells..."
From McLouth, Kansas:
"I have been a user of your product, CCLS for over 15 years and I have real peace of mind knowing that CCLS really works."
It's too bad space doesn't allow printing this entire letter. It goes on and on praising CCLS.
From Portland, Oregon:
"Back in May of this year we were unfortunate enough that our leach field line plugged. The serviceman recommended that we shock the drain field with a bacterial ingredient (CCLS). The last time I inspected the system, all was working and flowing perfectly and the drain field was functioning beautifully."
This satisfied customer uses CCLS in the home every month.
From Blanchard, Oklahoma:
"I have been using your CCLS product for over 1 year now, after my septic service recommended it. I find it works excellently in keeping my pipes clog-free and my septic running smoothly."
You can't BUY this kind of goodwill.
From Bullhead City, Arizona:
"Several of my apartment complexes are on septic systems, and I have been using CCLS in their systems with good results. My company purchases sizable quantities of your product on a regular basis"