Navo & Sons Inc. is a one stop for all your septic and plumbing needs. With emergency plumbing services available on nights and weekends, we offer a 24-hour answering service for your convenience.

We are fully licensed & insured; we have the California State Sanitation Systems License C42 for all residential and commercial septic replacement & repairs, and as a full service plumbing company we have a C36 Plumbing License.

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic System Repair & Installation
  • Septic System Design
  • Septic System Inspection
  • Leach Field Tracing
  • Perc & Mantles
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Terralift
  • Additional Services

    High Tech Video Inspection: of 2-inch to 6-inch sewer lines to evaluate exactly what is causing stoppages in problem lines, with our television camera equipment. (We can even tape the inspection for your review)

    Trailer Mounted High Pressure Water Jetter: to unstop 1 1/2-inch to 36-inch diameter culverts, sewer, and leach lines, using high pressure water blasting from 1,500 psi to 4,000 psi and with a 500-feet hose we can clear almost any stubborn clog.

    Leak Location Equipment: can locate where a water line is leaking to a depth of up to 10-feet, to save on any unnecessary digging.

  • And through our Roto-Rooter division we also provide

    Drain Cleaning: gets stubborn drains free flowing.

    Emergency Plumber: for all plumbing repairs to water, gas, and drain pipes and fixtures – including: toilets, showers, faucets, garbage disposals and water heaters.

    Sewer Pumps and Alarms: our expert staff can take care of that pesky pump alarm.

    Water Damage Restoration: the water damage experts at Roto-Rooter offer prompt water damage clean up service for homeowners and businesses alike, We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, when you need service most.

    Water and Sewer Cleanup: whether it’s a sump pump failure, ruthless visit from Mother Nature, or an experimental toddler testing the swimming capabilities of small toys in the toilet, it doesn’t take much time for water to have a seriously damaging effect on your home. In the event of a water emergency, you’ll need to take immediate action to begin the water extraction process in order to mitigate the damage, save as much property as possible, and dry the area out before mold and mildew set in.

    Water Removal & Emergency Flood Service: when it comes to a flood or water damage emergency in your home, every minute counts. If floodwater inside your home is not dealt with quickly, your walls, as well as your carpet, flooring, ceiling and personal property can quickly become waterlogged and damaged beyond repair.

    Basement and Crawl Space water/sewer removal