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Trenchless Pipe Replacement

What you can expect from Trenchless Pipe Replacement...

Cost-effective / No property damage / Minimal restoration

Faster, neater

(Polyethylene pipe has a 100-year life span)

Financing available

Insurance work welcome

Replace your lines Trenchlessly!
How does the Roto-Rooter trenchless system work?
Roto-Rooter¹s method replaces existing underground pipe, of the same or larger diameter, by digging small entry and exit holes at the beginning and end of damaged pipe.

A steel cable is then pulled through the existing pipe and a splitting wedge is attached to the steel cable at the entry hole. The hydraulic puller is attached to the exit hole and the power supply pulls the new pipe through the damaged pipe, underground, without having to dig up your cherished landscaping.

Roto-Rooter uses Polyethylene pipe exclusively for your home sewer. Because of its unique properties and flexibility, it will not corrode or be harmed by chemicals. It¹s so flexible that even earth movement can't break it.

Conventional Methods
If you've gotten advise from conventional-method plumbers, your property may never be the same.

This is what could happen . . . Your driveways and gardens, treasured trees and rose bushes, and the special places that you cherish, may all be changed forever. The driveway may always reveal an ugly scar after being trenched.

You have chosen an outdated system that could change how you feel about your house and property for a long time.

No Trenches Needed
When Roto-Rooter replaces your sewer, you may not even detect that the job has been done - because there is no trench needed.

With Roto-Rooter, your sewer replacement doesn't have to be costly or complicated.

The age of environmentally-friendly sewer replacement is here. Make the smart choice and call for more facts today.


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